How to throw cards – tutorial

 Card Throwing – How to throw cards

How to throw cards

Best position for playing card throwing

Card Throwing is a skill that greatly towers above the rest as it seams surreal. Have you ever tried to throw a card? If you have, i bet 9/10 it flicked up and floated about 2 meters (6 feet) away from you. When Card Throwing is practiced enough, a card can easily be thrown 10+ meters with ease. Card Throwing is not also impressive because of the distance but also because of the power behind a card. Cards that are thrown correctly can easily slice into an apple and even draw blood! I bet you’re wondering just how is this possible ? Cards don’t fly through the air, the fall. This is not true, it’s all in the technique. Learn how to throw cards below.

How it’s done:

Begin by taking a single, flat card out of a deck. next, position the card so the two short sides are facing you and the other is facing towards your target. Next, use your index finger and your middle finger to grab the top left corner of the card from your perspective. Make sure your middle finger is on the bottom and your index finger is on the top. Be sure to hold the card between the sides of your fingers that touch. Your fingers should also be about 2cm out from each corner. Now that you have your finger placement correct, we can show you the technique to throw the card. While holding the card correctly, lightly cup your hand so your hand is touching the card but not crushing it. When you are ready slightly bring your forearm back and create a flicking motion primarily in your wrist but slightly in your forearm and let go when the card is facing your target. If done correctly you just threw a card. Thanks for reading mt take on How to throw cards, come back again!

Learn more Card Throwing techniques below:


When Card Throwing, keep the card horizontal to get the best throw.

Standard Bicycle cards are the best for playing card throwing.

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