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dynamo magician revealed

Dynamo magician revealed: Ever wondered how the worlds greatest and latest magicians do their unbelievable magic tricks? Have you ever wanted to impress your friends with some of their tricks but can’t quite get the hang of it? Well that’s where we come in. This page is dedicated to the latest and greatest magician of our time; Dynamo! Here we will show you all of  Dynamo magician Revealed  going through the tricks in his television show “dynamo: magician impossible” Although we would like to have all of Dynamo’s tricks deconstructed down pat, it does take time for this page to get all of the necessary information so you can have the most engaging magic tutorials humanly possible so just bear with us as we deconstruct them.


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Dynamo Pulls Polo From Neck


Dynamo Cell Phone In Bottle 


Dynamo In Australia Tour


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Who is dynamo – steven frein

Who Is Dynamo?

Dynamo, who is best known for his documentary show, “Dynamo: Magician Impossible,” is a young and talented magician who has brought a wave of freshness into the entertainment industry; a talent that has enabled him to rise to international fame within a short period of time. His shows are shocking and delightful; he has walked on water, vanished and reappeared through a glass window, and swallowed necklaces and pulled them from his stomach, just to mention a few. Just who is this man?

Dynamo, whose real name is Steven Frayne, is an English magician who was born on 17th, December 1982 in West Yorkshire. He was raised largely by Ken Walsh, his great grandfather. His father was jailed for a long period of time, and consequently wasn’t present for the most part of his early life.

Dynamo suffered from severe Crohn’s disease as a youngster. This is a dietary disease that affects the digestive system. Consequently, he became small, thin, and an easy target for bullies. His granddad introduced him to magic, as a way of protecting himself from the bullies who constantly teased him because of his disease. He showed him a technique that he could use to make himself heavy to lift, and the next time the bullies attempted to pick him up, they couldn’t. They gave up and left him alone. Soon, word went around his school that he had super-powers, which earned him much respect.

Thereafter, Steven frein developed an interest in magic and started performing card and coin tricks within local bars and clubs to earn pocket money. Word of his unique talent continued to spread, and by the time he was 17, he got an invitation to perform at a conference in U.S. to mark the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death. During his performance, a member in the audience shouted saying, “the kid’s a dynamo!”, and that’s how he got his nickname. Although this is only speculation.

Steven dropped out of college, but luckily he received a grant worth £60,000 from the Prince’s Trust to make a demonstration DVD about his street magic. The TV executives from Satellite Channel Watch who saw his DVD were very impressed, and they decided to commission the 1st TV series of Magician Impossible, which turned Steven into a global sensation. The series was initially aired exclusively on Watch in the year 2011, and over 1 million viewers tuned in to watch it shortly. The second series was first broadcast in 2012, while the latest series has just been released.

Some of his famous magic shows includes:

Levitating From a Double –Decker Bus

While hovering fifteen feet above the tarmac, Dynamo was seen floating peacefully through the streets of Central London, with his right hand placed on the roof of the bus, and the left waving at the crowd. He is said to have been publicizing his latest series Magician Impossible series.

Walking Across the River Thames

On a summer evening in 2011, he caused a stir by casually hopping over a gate next to Westminster Bridge, after which he began walking across the river Thames. He was however, whisked away by a police boat after walking for about one hundred yards.

Pulling a Necklace from His Tummy

This was one of Dynamo’s most striking street magic shows. In 2011 during his TV show in Las Vegas, he swallowed a necklace he had borrowed from a woman. He, later pulled it out from what seemed to be a hole in his stomach.

But you can be absolutely sure that steven or Dynamo will not stop there and will come out with many more tricks and stunts as his life goes on. Not only in his memory, but also in the memory of his grandfather who introduced him to magic and died still teaching steven.


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Dynamo is considered to be the most famous magician living today.He has written so many books on the magic subject some of which have been rated as best sellers in the united kingdom and beyond. Dynamo strongly believes that all things are possible as long as a person approach is positive.He has performed so many magical events that leaves world with more questions than answers. This make people perceive him as supernatural though he is not. In this page we endeavor to make all of dynamo’s tricks revealed. The page will highlight the most mysterious magical events of dynamo and the secrets behind each dynamo magician tricks. We realise that revealing dynamo’s tricks is somewhat controversial but we only do it as a learning aid. Magic isn’t something that should be kept to the crafty and the quick, it is something that should be available to all who seek to learn it. That is the true reason behind our page. Dynamo magician revealed.